Discover how you can immediately let go of ALL of your negative emotions and start becoming happier than you’ve ever been before, by learning and mastering the power of “Acceptance” and the “CAN’T CHANGE IT” Philosophy.

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Do you desire to truly LOVE the life you have?

The first step is to accept all things you cannot change.

Are there aspects of your life that you wish you could change, but that you simply cannot change?  Maybe a painful event from your recent or distant past, or a challenging circumstance you are dealing with now…?  Possibly a difficult person in your life, or the current state of the world…?

“The pain that you create now is always some form of non-acceptance; some form of unconscious resistance to what is.” -Eckhart Tolle, author, The Power of Now

It is no secret that, although there are many aspects of our lives that we can take steps to change (or more accurately “re-create”, since one can’t change what is,but only create something new in its place), there is more to life that is outside of our control—things that we simply cannot change, no matter how badly we may want to.Whether a painful event from our past, or any other undesirable state of our immediate lives and the world around us, we are faced each day with challenging circumstances that we can’t change; at least not once they have occurred. We do, however, always have a choice in how we respond to our circumstances—to either resist life, or accept it—and the choice we make determines our experience of life. When we are in a state of resistance, we always create emotional pain. When we are in a state of acceptance, we create inner peace. To the degree that we wish or want something to be different that cannot be different, is the degree that we create pain for ourselves.

Acceptance allows you to live in peace and free from Emotional Pain.

Since it is our resistance—our wishing and wanting circumstances beyond our control to be different—that causes all of our emotional pain, it is only once we ACCEPT all the aspects of life unconditionally that we transcend our pain, become at peace with life as it is and create a space for any emotion we choose to experience.

So long as you are not willing to accept what is, there is no space for what could be.

It was during my recovery after a near fatal car accident that I became aware of The Power of ACCEPTANCE, and I created the Can’t Change It™ wristband to remind me that there is no value in feeling bad about anything that I can’t change. As soon as I started wearing the wristband, I quickly became aware that all of my emotional pain (frustration, anger, regret, sadness, worry, etc.) came about ONLY when I resisted something that I couldn’t change.

Within the first few weeks of wearing my Can’t Change It™ wristband, I began to find that I was able to catch myself going into “resistance” mode before it happened, and thus avoid indulging in my habitual negative emotions. A great example of this occurred one day when I was running late for work and sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Normally I would spend the entire drive feeling tense, frustrated, and wishing and wanting that traffic would move faster! But as soon as I began to feel myself getting upset, I glanced at my Can’t Change It™ wristband on my wrist…

I said aloud, “Can’t Change It” and took a deep breath… Realizing that I couldn’t change the fact that I was running late, couldn’t change the speed of the traffic, and I couldn’t control my manager’s response when I arrived late to work—but I COULD CHOOSE how I spent my time getting there—I chose to relax my tense shoulders, reflect for a moment on all that I had to be grateful for, and turn up the radio…  What a better way to spend my time in traffic (and in life)!