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If you’ve ever had one of those “million dollar” ideas, or one that you think could “change the world” you’re definitely going to want to listen to today’s podcast interview with Pat Flynn.​ ​

​So many people invest countless hours and dollars implementing their idea and “hoping” it’s as good as they think it is. But as you probably know, “hope” is rarely a good strategy.

In today’s episode, I talk with Pat about the topic of his new book​,​ Will It Fly? ​where you’ll learn his step-by-step process to evaluate whether YOUR idea is worth the investment of your time and money​, so that you can ensure it will be successful before investing/wasting a single dollar (and countless hours).

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how to capitalize on ​”​early adopters​”​ to test your market
  • Find out how you can fund business validation through Pat’s methodical, thoughtful approach
  • Discover what you can expect in Pat’s new book and how each of the main sections can help you


Download the Transcript for Episode #108 (PDF)

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