Turning the Tables on Hal Elrod

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In today’s special episode, we’re turning the tables on Yo Pal Hal as he’s interviewed for the first time ever on the AYG podcast. This is one you won’t want to miss!

For those not in the know, Hal’s been battling Cancer for the past several months and for the first time since his diagnosis, he opens up and shares his journey in a candid conversation with his best friend and business partner, Jon Berghoff.

Hal relives the moments surrounding his diagnosis and how Cancer has completely disrupted his life. He also shares the epiphany moment that gives him the strength to overcome adversity and why it’s his responsibility to help others do the same.

In this episode, Hal & Jon also talk about prioritizing what matters, creating multiple streams of income, renewal cycles, partnerships, and the most important lessons Hal’s learned about achieving his BIGGEST goals and dreams!

You’ll also find out what to expect moving forward with the AYG podcast and the decision to make Jon Berghoff the host of the show.


  • [04:23] Hal opens up and shares the moments surrounding his news about Cancer.
  • [06:30] Hal’s epiphany moment & why adversity is your greatest opportunity to act in alignment with your values.
  • [10:31] The 3 guiding principles to prioritizing what matters the most.
  • [15:58] The importance of having multiple streams of income & how Hal learned this lesson the hard way!
  • [21:11] Why Renewal Cycles are absolutely critical to achieving long-term success as an entrepreneur.
  • [23:10] Jon Berghoff reveals 5 of the best tactics for renewing the mind and body.
  • [24:00] Learn to expand beyond your capabilities through effective partnerships.
  • [25:12] How to know who you should partner with using Value Alignment and Value Creation.
  • [30:05] The fundamental lessons that have allowed Hal to achieve goals beyond his wildest dreams!
  • [35:05] Why giving & taking thoughtfully will help you to finish first.
  • [36:44] Hal explains next steps for the podcast and what makes Jon Berghoff the perfect host for Achieve Your Goals.


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