Todd Herman

You’ll hear me open up today’s podcast by saying that “this is the most excited I’ve been to interview someone in a long time!” I mean that very sincerely, and that is because today’s conversation covers a topic that is truly unknown and revolutionary for most people (and something I only recently discovered in my own life).

Over the last 21 years, Todd Herman has helped elite athletes, performers, and leaders tap into their “alter egos” and achieve the seemingly impossible. He speaks to over 200,000 people a year in 73 countries, has been featured in The New York Times, CBS Radio, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, and has been called a “training superstar” by The Boston Herald.  

However, to get there, Todd had to make his own discovery. He knew that inside himself was a confident, self-assured, intelligent person who could help others get better results in their lives and businesses – and found a specific trick (hint: accessing his “alter ego”) that helped him activate the traits he needed to achieve his goals.

He tells this story in his new book, The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life, and I’m so excited to have him on the podcast today to talk about the tools highly effective people use to defeat fear, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt.


  • Why so many personal development books failed to resonate with Todd.
  • The reason there’s nothing fake or inauthentic about having an alter ego and how it actually helps us express our natural, true selves.
  • What a “trapped self” is – and how to bring out your heroic side so you can live an extraordinary life.
  • How to build your very first alter ego – and some of the alter egos Todd’s clients have created.
  • When it makes sense to employ an alter ego – and how both “sometimes” and “always” are acceptable answers.


[ctt template=”12″ link=”j7Z8s” via=”yes” ]Our ability to truly tap into our creative imagination so that we can do the things that we most want to do, or experiment with different parts of our self, is truly unique to us — and an alter ego helps to untap that.” – Todd Herman[/ctt]


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