Wow!  When I sent out the first ever Miracle Morning survey, I honestly didn’t expect so many responses!  Maybe it’s just because I don’t really like to take surveys myself, but I thought maybe 15 – 25 people might respond…  I was so grateful when over 100 of our community members (119 to be exact) so generously shared your valuable feedback!  (–> If you didn’t get a chance to take the survey, you can now… Click here to take survey now…)

This morning, I recorded this quick video summary… and below the video are the detailed results.

Detailed Survey Results:

  • I was SO inspired to see that 92% of you said
    you like/love The Miracle Morning (TMM) and
    that it significantly improves your day (and your
    life) ever time that you do it. (That’s so powerful!)

  • However, only 50% of you are doing TMM
    consistently every week
    , while the other 50%
    said they’re not doing it as often as they want,
    and need
    help/support following through. So…
    We are working on creating a coaching/account-
    abilty program for you).

  • It was cool to see that 71% of you want to record
    your own Miracle Morning video to be featured on
    the soon-to-be launched MM Blog… (We already
    have some cool ones at

  • I was excited to see that 78% of you said you
    would be interested in attending a 4-7 day MM
    “Transformation Vacation” at a tropical location,
    because I really want to do it! (hopefully later
    this year!) …I’ll definitely keep
    you posted!


  • An astounding 115% of you said you would be
    excited about participating in a 14-day Miracle
    Morning Challenge CONTEST!!! (Okay, not really
    115%, but the major majority of you did! =)

Thanks again to all of you who took the survey.  I appreciate YOU!!