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Regardless of your field, one of the most important skill sets to master – arguably the single most important – is your ability to effectively connect with, communicate with, and influence your fellow human beings (clients, prospects, friends, family, colleagues, etc.)

The universally effective method I rely on for this – whether I’m writing, speaking, selling, recording a podcast – is the Context Creation Formula. This episode will give you the exact elements that will immediately enhance your ability to connect with, communicate with, and influence others.

This powerful Formula is made up of five major components:

1.  [ACK] Acknowledge Your Audience

2.  [ETW] Enter Their World

3.  [ENR] Enroll Your Audience

4.  [WIIFT] What’s In It For Them?

5. [ETR + BVA] – Earn The Right + Be Vulnerable and Authentic

ACK + ETW + ENR + WIIFT + [ETR+BVA] = Context Creation


Download the Transcript for Episode #112 (PDF)

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