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Sales is more than just selling goods and services in exchange for compensation: sales is the ability to influence others towards a pre-determined outcome, thus it’s one of the most important skills for us to master.

That’s why I’m excited to announce my new book, The Miracle Morning for Salespeople: How to Take Yourself and Your Sales to the Next Level, and today’s podcast episode in which I interview my co-author, Ryan Snow.

You’ll hear Ryan’s incredible story of how he used The Miracle Morning to quickly take his level of success from average to extraordinary, and why it inspired him to reach out to me and offer to co-author this book.

This book is not just the Miracle Morning with a few chapters on sales. This book goes beyond the basics of sales and gives you advanced techniques and strategies from the top 1% of salespeople across many industries.


Download the Transcript for Episode #81 (PDF).

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