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Are your kids preventing you from enjoying The Miracle Morning?  Why not get them to do it with you?  Our guest and co-author, Lindsay McCarthy started doing the miracle morning with her children and the results were incredible.

Lindsay McCarthy is a stay-at-home mom, a home-schooling mom, and co-author of The Miracle Morning for Parents & Families: How To Bring Out The Best In Your Kids and Your Self.

She joins us to talk about the process of getting her kids to participate, how she and her husband Mark became co-authors on the book, and how the practice changed her family dynamic for the better.


[00:40] About our guest: Lindsay McCarthy

[02:55] How Lindsay got her children into The Miracle Morning

[06:20] Lindsay talks spirit coaches

[07:13] The story behind how Lindsay and Mike became the co-authors

[10:50] Parenting Profiles: Tips from successful parents

[15:10] Applying strategies from the original book and customizing it to families

[15:45] Skills for exceptional parenting and purposefulness

[17:32] C.H.A.R.M.S. – What they stand for and how to get your kids involved

[24:30] The Miracle Morning Movement

[25:40] Having Jim Shiels write the forward

[28:37] Best Year Ever Blueprint Live Experience

If you want to attend the Best Year Ever Blueprint Live experience, it’s in December of 2016 in San Diego.  Go to and check out the video!


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