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Like many of you, I first discovered Mel Robbins through her TED Talk, How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over. Though it has over 14 million views, it’s just one of her major successes. She is also the author of The Five Second Rule, one of the most-read books of 2017 and an all-time best-seller on Audible, where she also now hosts Kick Ass with Mel Robbins.

I met Mel at an event last year while making The Miracle Morning Movie – and was immediately impressed. So, I quickly asked her if she would appear in the film. Thankfully, she said yes!

Because Mel has written so much – and given so much valuable advice – we decided to change things up for today’s podcast. In this episode, Mel tells her story – how she became the Mel Robbins – in a candid conversation about her life, family, parents, values, and what made her who she is.


  • Why Mel doesn’t exactly see being one of the most booked speakers in the world as a good thing – and why she’s scaling down her appearances this year.
  • How refusing an initial offer from Audible helped her create a highly successful, impactful, and original show on her own terms from scratch.
  • The reasons Mel shows – not tells – and places huge importance on social proof to expand her work’s resonance.
  • Why Mel believes that women need to have their own money – even in supportive, loving relationships.
  • How being a young public defender helped build the foundations of the very specific skills that help Mel succeed as a coach.



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