Remember what it was like to wake up as a kid on Christmas morning?!  It didn’t matter what time you went to bed, or how many hours of sleep you got—you NEVER even thought to hit the Snooze button!  Before your eyes were even fully open, you were already jumping out of bed feeling energized and exited!

What if you could recreate those feelings of excitement, anticipation, and fun every… single… day? Imagine how much better waking up (and life) would be!

Hal’s “How To Make Everyday Feel Like XMAS” Formula

X = Expect Everyday to Be Fun & Exciting! (Just like you do on Christmas!)

Why was it so easy to wake up on Christmas morning? Because you went to bed EXPECTING to wake up to a fun and exciting morning! The good news: you can actively re-create that experience everyday! The Secret: Your first thought it the morning is almost always the same as your last thought before bed. So if you go to bed feeling stressed, worried, or telling yourself you’re going to “feel tired” in the morning, that’s exactly what you’ll create for yourself. Instead, tell yourself before bed, “I’m going to wake up tomorrow with energy and excitement, committed to making it my best day ever!” (Seriously, try it—it works!)

M = Make a List of Everything You Want (You Get To Be Your Own Santa!)

Christmas is exciting because you’ve already made a list of everything you want and now you’re hoping—even expecting—to get what’s on your list!  As a grown-up, writing down your goals is the equivalent of making your “Christmas list.” Clarity creates motivation, and when you have a clearly defined list of goals that you’re excited to work towards, you wake up everyday feeling grateful, energized and excited to work on them!  So, make a list of your most important and most exciting goals, review it every night before bed, and wake up early to make progress on your list.

A  = Activate Your Gratitude (Remind Yourself of How Much You Have To Be Grateful For)

As a kid on Christmas (unless you were a spoiled brat), you felt more gratitude for Mom, Dad, and your life than any other day of the year. The quality of a person’s life on any given day is directly in proportion to the amount of gratitude that they are actively present to. So, the more you “activate” your gratitude each day (which is best done by simply writing down things that you’re grateful for), the more grateful you will feel about your life, what you have, and everyone you get to share it with.

S  = Share Your Christmas Spirit (Invite Your Loved Ones To Join You!)

What makes Christmas so special are the people we get to share it with. Everything in life is more fun when we get to share it with people we love, and research shows that we are as much as 99% more likely to follow through with something when we have someone else to support us and hold us accountable. So, reach out to your friends, family, and/or co-workers to share your list of goals with each another, offer support, encouragement, and accountability to wake up everyday and make your list become a reality!

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