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In order for me to focus on my health (as I’m transitioning from chemotherapy to holistic treatments), I’ve recently had to make some very difficult decisions.

On today’s special *BONUS* episode of the podcast, I’m sharing the biggest decision I’ve recently made—a HUGE announcement—and (most importantly) the process by which you can more easily and effectively make major decisions in your life.

As a fellow human being, you know how much energy it takes to make decisions, no matter how simple they are. But when you’re facing a MAJOR decision—the kind that isn’t black and white, where you might have multiple options, and where your actions could affect your life for months (or years) to come—making the right decision is often challenging.

One of these decisions (which you’ll hear about in this episode), means that the upcoming Best Year Ever [Blueprint] live experience (taking place this December 13-15th) will be the last time we ever offer this event. 

If you’ve ever wanted to join me in person at the Best Year Ever [Blueprint] live experience, taking place this December 13-15th, this will be your last chance.

This is the last time we’re offering the event, and it’s nearly sold out.

In case you’re not familiar, BYEB is a weekend event that will enable you to take your SELF to the next level so that you can take your LIFE to the next level—because, as you know, it only happens in that order! :^)

Every year, 400+ members of The Miracle Morning Community (from around the world) fly into San Diego, California and come together to connect and co-create our future, together. And I’d love for you to join us!

Check out the brand new website at BestYearEverLive.com to get all the details and secure your spot for what is guaranteed to be another life-changing weekend for all of us.

On to the actual podcast! This was pretty powerful.


  • How to listen and act on intuition, especially when making multiple decisions at once.
  • What to do to align your decisions with your highest values and priorities.
  • How to step into the unknown in the face of uncertainty.
  • And much more…




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