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Nobody succeeds alone. That’s the simple, yet very important takeaway from today’s conversation.

When I was young, I didn’t believe I needed anybody’s help. I wanted to prove to the world that my success was mine—that I had made it completely on my own. Well, as you can probably imagine, that didn’t work out so well!

Luckily, I started to recognize the power of relationships and how building a support system of likeminded and like-hearted individuals would not only catapult the success of my business endeavors, but would also bring a completely different level of joy and fulfillment into my life.   

20 years later, I’m fortunate to be surrounded by an incredibly talented group of friends. Together we have empowered each other to succeed well beyond what we ever dreamed possible.

In today’s roundtable discussion, 5 best friends—myself, Jon Berghoff (co-creator of the Best Year Ever Blueprint LIVE Experience), Jon Vroman (founder of Front Row Foundation), John Ruhlin (author of Giftology), and John Kane (record-setting endurance athlete)—revisit the biggest lessons from two decades of supporting each other.  

You’ll see that we have a lot of fun reliving past stories, sharing meaningful moments, and discussing the values and philosophies that have shaped our lives.

You’ll also hear why the Front Row Foundation (think make-a-wish meets Tony Robbins) is the glue that keeps us all connected and how the values behind the organization are fully aligned with the way we are living and succeeding together!  


  • Leveraging the power of HUMOR in the midst of adversity—What Hal’s battle with cancer can teach us about making the most out of difficult situations.
  • Why nobody succeeds on their own—You’ll hear how a willingness to serve and support one another allowed 5 friends to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.
  • The not-so-obvious benefits that are hidden in your relationships—5 best friends express their gratitude and describe how the culture of one company brought them together.
  • Find out what the Front Row Foundation means to each of us and how an organization that started off as a way to help people fight life threatening illnesses, has grown into a way of living!
  • Jon Berghoff also shares an incredibly touching story of Front Row recipient, Sophie, and the moment she got to meet Kelly Clarkson—this story will really help you appreciate how precious YOUR life truly is!
  • Big lessons from Jon Vroman’s book—The Front Row Factor: Transform Your Life with the Art of Moment Making—including how to become a moment maker for the people you love and care about the most.
  • Why a partnership was born between the Best Year Ever [Blueprint] and the Front Row Foundation and why it’s giving BYEB attendees a higher sense of purpose.
  • And much more…



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