JP Sears

Join me today for a highly entertaining, kinda random, and yet highly valuable conversation with my good friend – the infamous JP Sears. JP is a YouTuber, conscious comedian, emotional healing coach, world traveler, author, and curious student of life.

With over 300 million YouTube views across his videos, JP empowers people to live more meaningful lives, using a blend of spirituality and messages to expand consciousness through humor.

By his own admission, JP is also a people pleaser. However, he’s discovered how to get over his fears and use a unique, humorous, and authentic style to address even extremely controversial topics. I’ve spoken with many podcasters, influencers, and authors I know about finding a balance and working through this struggle, and even if you’re not an author, you’ve likely found yourself in a situation where you’ve changed your tone of voice in front of certain clients, friends, and even family members.

Today, JP joins the podcast for a discussion about how he delivers serious and empowering messages through the lens of comedy, finding authenticity in being respectable, why the goals you don’t meet still matter, and how personal power factors into everything we do.


  • How JP, a self-admitted people pleaser, uses his humorous, authentic style to get over his fears and address extremely controversial topics.
  • Why you need to know why you’re squashing your authentic voice – and why if we truly know ourselves, we can do no wrong.
  • Why JP’s goals before pursuing comedy were crap – and the breakthrough that happened the moment he realized his previous “shadow goals” were holding him back.
  • The ways setting goals expands our visions and changes us as people – and why this growth often leads to pivots in our lives and careers.
  • How JP made his first comedy YouTube video at the age of 33 after spending a year making sincere life coaching videos that rarely surpassed 100 views, which of his videos are his most popular and his favorites, and why.
  • Why venturing into live stand-up comedy took JP completely out of his comfort zone – and JP’s equation for success, growth, fulfillment, and outer achievement.


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