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As we see with so many millionaires, celebrities, and other highly successful individuals – achieving the success we think we want doesn’t always provide us with the deep fulfillment that we truly desire. So, how do we combine outer success with inner fulfillment?

Today, you’ll meet one of my coaches, Jenai Lane, who has helped me do exactly that. She provides people all over the world with tools to awaken their greatest visions, experience fulfillment, and discover their true selves.

Jenai is an award-winning entrepreneur, creator of the Spirit Coach Method, and author of Spirit Led Instead: The Little Tool Book of Limitless Transformation. Through her work, she explores how you can move from being led by your head to being led by your spirit, higher consciousness, infinite wisdom, source energy, God, or whatever you call the highest power in the universe.

Jenai Lane joins the podcast today to talk about not only why a spiritual practice is so valuable, but how you can cultivate your own – in just five minutes each day – to illuminate the spirit within.


  • How the deep longing underneath Jenai’s American dream led her to become a spiritual teacher, author, and coach.
  • How hitting the figurative “tuning fork” attracts harmony into our lives and helps us live in our hearts, rather than our heads.
  • Why Jenai Lane didn’t think meditation was for her – and how she created an effective practice for herself and many others.
  • What makes a daily spiritual practice so powerful – and how to use Jenai’s three C’s framework to create one for yourself.



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