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What does it mean to be authentic in all aspects of your life – as an entrepreneur, in the corporate world, with our families, and even with ourselves? And how can we use authenticity to make a positive impact in the world?

To help me answer this on today’s podcast episode, I’m thrilled to be speaking with JB Glossinger, known by millions as the “Morning Coach.” JB holds a Ph.D in metaphysics, an MBA in business, and he’s impacted millions of people around the world as a motivational speaker, coach, leader of masterminds, and best known as host of the Morning Coach podcast—which has surpassed 40 million downloads

I discovered JB’s work back in 2008, as I was conceptualizing the Miracle Morning, but this has been our first opportunity to connect and have a real conversation about being vulnerable, building businesses, and offering real value in people’s lives.


  • How losing $40,000 on a hugely unsuccessful self-published book prompted JB to start being himself.
  • Why vulnerability and authenticity go hand-in-hand – and why people won’t think you’re weak or judge you when you stop trying to be perfect, put good energy into the world, and act with good intention.
  • How JB achieved the #1 self-help podcast on iTunes after a year of no one listening – and how his podcast naturally grew from a daily conference call.
  • What JB learned from his experiments in scaling his business in 2012 and 2013 – and why developing great communication matters much more than buying a $3000 course or building a perfect sales funnel.
  • How to overcome your fears, have faith in making mistakes, fail, grow, and ultimately succeed.
  • What stops people from building businesses or writing books – and how to instill urgency into work that may sometimes feel unrewarding and take a long time to complete.
  • How to be authentic without playing the victim.



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