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Today on the Achieve Your Goals podcast, Ryan Michler is here to teach you how to become more of the man you were meant to be!

Ryan Michler is a husband, father, Iraqi Combat Veteran, and the Founder of Order of Man.

Growing up without a permanent father figure, Ryan was left to learn how to be a man on his own and with the help of a few strong men in his life.

He believes that most, if not all, of the world’s biggest problems could be solved if males everywhere learned how to be better husbands, fathers, friends, and leaders. He’s on a mission to help all men become the men they were meant to be.


  • [01:47] Find out how Ryan climbed out of the darkest moment of his life, salvaged a failing marriage, and learned what it truly means to be a man.
  • [08:50] Ryan shares what life threatening moments in Iraq taught him about taking things more seriously. You’ll find out why the seemingly trivial choices you make could be negatively impacting your life!
  • [13:03] Learn how integrity can help you respond to life’s most difficult decisions.  
  • [17:38] Jon Berghoff shares a story about playing catch with his son for the very first time and what it can teach us about prioritizing what matters the most!
  • [20:44] Are you grinding it out 24/7? Why do we all feel this constant need to be everywhere and doing everything? Ryan explains the work/life balance conundrum, the importance of setting boundaries, and putting emphasis on the areas of your life that are most important.
  • [22:00] Why it’s so important that entrepreneurs and high achievers create space to think creatively.
  • [24:26] Why did Ryan start Order of Man and how is he using it as a vehicle to teach guys to be men?
  • [27:00] The 3 P’s of manhood and the rite of passage moments you can create for your kids.  
  • [31:56] Why being a parent to your children is significantly more important than being their friend. Consider how this same concept can also be applied in a leadership role between you and your employees.
  • [35:05] The story behind Ryan’s incredibly impressive beard 🙂



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