It’s almost here… Can you see it? Do you feel it? Are you ready? The opportunity to create the BEST year of your life (literally) is right in front of you… What could possibly be more exciting than that!?

Maybe you’re skeptical. Maybe you don’t really believe it. Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah right, Hal. 2010 was supposed to be my best year ever, but it was far from that.” All too often, we end the year feeling like we could have been so much better, and done and accomplished so much more. Some of us might feel like we failed. Some might feel discouraged. But most of us are ready to put the past behind us and focus on creating an exciting future.

Well, here’s the truth about what it takes to make 2011 your best year yet; are you ready? I believe you are, so I’m going to hit you with empowering TRUTH x 2:

Truth #1: YOU are destined for great things – things bigger and better than you have yet to even imagine! YOU are smart. YOU are capable. YOU are deserving. Huge opportunities are coming YOUR way this year. YOU cannot fail! (Sure, you’ll stumble – we all will. We’ll make mistakes and learn valuable lessons along the way, but failure is a mindset that isn’t possible for those of us who continue moving forward and never give up!)

Truth #2 [The Secret]: There is one SECRET that you can put into action immediately, that will virtually guarantee that 2011 is by far, hands down, without-a-doubt the absolute BEST, most kick-butt, off-the-charts, life-changing year you’ve ever had!! But before we reveal this so called “secret” (which is really kind of a joke, since there are no secrets–only proven principles that, when applied to our lives, will give us the results, and the life, that we really want), let’s look at why MOST people fail year-after-year, despite good intentions, to make each year significantly better than the previous.

Why People Fail
Every year, around this time, we start thinking about two things: the holidays and the new year. The problem with thinking about both of these simultaneously, is that they create very different, and almost conflicting mindsets. One is a time to relax and take it easy (the holidays) and the other is a time to get motivated and take massive action (the new year). Therein lies the problem; while people are gearing up for what they say they’d like to make their best year ever, they are creating and reinforcing an arsenal of bad habits that will be counterproductive to their success in the near year. Habits like staying up late, over-sleeping, over-eating, being lazy, procrastinating, choosing to do what easy over what’s right, and many more that virtually destroy your chances of hitting the ground running on January 1st.

Truth #2 [The Secret] Revealed…
The truth is, that best year of your life does NOT start January 1st. It starts TODAY. If you do what most people do and treat December like it doesn’t matter, creating and reinforcing an arsenal of unproductive habits, well then you’re setting yourself up for failure in 2011. If you are really committed to making 2011 the best year you’re ever had, you need to focus now on making December the best month you’ve ever had. You need to start living everyday NOW the way you’re going to need to live everyday next year to make it your best, and not let the holidays become more detracting than a day to enjoy with your loved ones. You must start creating and reinforcing positive habits now and conditioning yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically to be the best version of yourself for the new year. That is how you will guarantee your best in 2011.

What To Do Now
Here’s is a simple exercise you can take NOW to closeout 2010 and prepare yourself for your best in 2011:

Your Best Year Yet [Exercise] – This exercise was modified from the book, “Your Best Year Yet” and is a powerful process for getting closure on 2010 and preparing yourself for your best year yet in 2011. Simply answer the following questions (in list format), either on your computer or on paper:

  1. What were my accomplishments in 2010? — (List as many as you can, big and small, to reinforce your confidence in your abilities by reminding yourself of what you’ve already accomplished)
  2. What were my biggest disappointments in 2010? — (Acknowledge the mistakes you made so you can learn from them, forgive yourself, and move on)
  3. What lessons have I learned? — (Review your first two lists and ask “What can I learn from my accomplishments?” and “What can I learn from my disappointments?”)
  4. What are my Top 10 Goals for 2011? — (What’s next for you? Dream big! Remember Truth #1: YOU are destined for great things – things bigger and better than you have yet to even imagine!)
  5. What are the Top 6 Success Habits that will lead me to my goals? — (It is no secret that our life – and our quality of life – is created by our habits. This is why learning how to master your ability to implement and maintain positive, productive, success-producing habits will give you the power to create anything you want for your life, and it is literally one of the most important skills you can ever invest your time into learning…)

–> Good news! Stay tuned for my next blog: How To Create & Maintain Any Positive Habit In 30 Days!

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