Recently, I received an email from Patrick, asking me the age old question: “How Do You Find Your Purpose In Life?” Here is Patrick’s question followed by my answer…

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Patrick’s Question:

Hi Hal,

How did you find your purpose in life?
Or did your purpose find you…

Book? Audio? Anything to help me find mine
would deeply appreciated.

With gratitude,

My Response:

Hi Patrick,

I don’t think there was any ONE thing that led me to my purpose. I think I chose it based on my values and what I wanted to do with my life.

I believe that purpose is always about serving others. When we focus on serving others, our own problems fade to the distance, and our next course of action becomes more clear. Our problems only really only cause us problems when we’re focused on, or worried about, our SELF. When we focus on and act from our PURPOSE we find the motivation to tap into our full potential and maximize our results.

My mentor, Mark Lovas, always said, “Get off self, and on purpose.”

Don’t be in any rush to figure out your purpose, and realize that there isn’t anything pre-determined or set in stone. It’s totally up to you to create, and you can change, modify, or redefine your purpose as many times as you’d like in life.

For example, the first time I defined my purpose, it was “To selflessly add value to the lives of others.”

Over time, I made it more specific, “To inspire and empower other people to be better than they believe they can be.”

In the future, it could change again.

So play with it. Have fun with it. Try on one purpose for a while, see how it fits, there’s no pressure to “figure anything out.”

Hope that helps!

Always with Gratitude,

“Yo Pal” Hal

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