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For today’s podcast episode, I want to explore what enables certain people to move through life’s challenges so much more easily and effectively than others, and give you three (3) steps to develop your ability to do the same.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the primary focus of what I’ve been talking with you about is the one thing that you have control over: your inner world (your thinking, your emotional well-being, and ultimately your internal quality of life).

I know that for many of us, it may feel like that’s easier said than done, and it can feel like the pain, frustration, fear, suffering, and sadness in the world controls us.

However, today I want to show you that you absolutely have the ability to control your thinking and to intentionally create an emotional state that serves your highest good and enables you to be proactive – no matter what’s going on in the world, in your life, or with your family.

We’ll also explore the following three (3) key steps that can help you maintain a peaceful, proactive mindset that will help you feel good, happy, energized, and optimistic, even in the midst of pain and loss.


  • Step #1: Decide how you want to feel.
  • Step #2: Stop blaming anything outside of yourself for how you feel.
  • Step #3: Use daily self-care rituals to optimize your inner world.



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