one decision

What if you could make one decision, and that decision would automate nearly every decision you’ll ever make again?

Today we’re going to talk about exactly that. Many years ago, I unconsciously made a decision. I established a set of core values and guiding principles, and in doing so, it became the ultimate decision-making engine that predetermined every other decision for myself. It enabled me to know who I would be and how I would respond to any challenge or opportunity.

In today’s episode, I’m giving you a simple process that will make your life easier, improve your self-discipline, and essentially make most of your future decisions for you. You’ll learn how to access a new level of effectiveness when you consciously articulate, clarify, and translate your core values and guiding principles into writing, and discover how to use them to lower your stress and increase your ability to act quickly, decisively, and effectively.


  • Why failing to live in alignment with your guiding principles leaves you vulnerable to other people’s negative energy.
  • The difference between core values and guiding principles – and how to define both.
  • Why writing out your core values gives you powerful clarity.
  • What my core values are and how they’ve guided me through some of my toughest challenges and brushes with adversity.
  • Why I refuse to mirror negative energy I see on social media.



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