Do you want to grow your business? On today’s episode, Stephen Christopher of Seequs Digital Marketing, shares his ambitious growth plan for the next three years of his business, and provides some amazing, actionable steps he’s taking to get there.

We end up taking a really deep dive into the things that hold us back from reaching our goals. The one we focus on today is fear. Why fear? Because that is at the heart of every insecurity, every moment of second-guessing, and every self-doubting obstacle that keeps us from our next…event, opportunity, contact…you name it!

Tune in and start racing ahead of your inner critic, today!


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10:55 Stephen’s ambitious 300% business growth plan over the next three years!

13:15 Learn about the Business Revolution Podcast and how it can help you achieve success

14:15 Stephen shares that sometimes you don’t even know what’s in it for you, but you just keep doing it because you’re passionate, driven, and believe in the project

14:30 Facing your fears in order to become a better person

19:20 Growing your circle of influence

20:45 Fear of rejection – how to overcome it to expand your network

23:02 Why it’s important to lean into fear and do what scares you

24:12 Racing ahead of your inner critic

25:00 How fear shows up and how to see the opportunity in fear

25:50 The value of consistency and daily routines

28:53 Leading others through the same life-improving processes that you’re committing to

31:04 Fighting doesn’t have to be a part of your success

33:24 Four actionable lessons to improve your life and business

35:30 Living life to the fullest


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