Jon Berghoff & Dr. Richard Shuster

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We’ve got a special conversation lined up for the Achieve Your Goals podcast today. Jon Berghoff gets interviewed by Dr. Richard Shuster, host of The Daily Helping Podcast.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Richard Shuster and his work, he’s a neuroscientist and altruist with a mission—to inspire one million people to perform random acts of kindness every single day. Want to share your act of kindness story with the world? Join the movement by using #mydailyhelping 🙂

Jon and I first connected with Dr. Shuster at this year’s Best Year Ever Blueprint event, where we learned about some of the amazing things he’s doing to make the world a better place. As someone who has dedicated his life to serving others, we couldn’t have asked for a better person to interview Jon about his life.  

Told differently than you’ve ever heard it before, Jon Berghoff shares the story of his journey and the many unexpected turns along the way that made him who he is.


  • How Jon’s childhood shaped him and the lessons he learned by combining his strengths to succeed as an entrepreneur, despite fear and anxiety.
  • Jon’s unique formula to attract incredible mentors and strategic partners—and what makes these relationships lasting and meaningful.
  • The lessons Jon learned about human systems and how they apply to us as individuals.
  • The ONE thing you can do to get in touch with your ability to shape your own future. 


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