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This week’s podcast feature’s a surprise special guest, and he wants to help you live a big, courageous, and meaningful life.

This individual is an expert at defying the odds to achieve goals, he has made a huge impact in my life, as he has been arguably my greatest mentor.

This interview is a great one! And it was done in a “unique” style, since he was practically sitting on my lap while we recorded it (which seems to be a pattern!)

You’re going to hear me interview the one and only ===> Jesse Levine.

(In case that name doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry – just wait until you hear me introduce him in the opening minutes of this episode of the “Achieve Your Goals” podcast)…


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Jessie’s advice for achieving your goals:
  1. Believe in Big Things
  2. There’s only one #1
  3. Always find a way
  4. Use your circumstance as an opportunity

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