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I teased about this ​”possible” special guest ​on last week’s podcast, and now that it’s official, I am VERY excited to share that this episode of the ​Achieve Your Goals ​podcastis going to blow your mind! 

This individual is not only an expert at achieving extraordinary goals, he has ​made a huge impact in my life, and is the infamous person that helped spark the idea that became T​he Miracle Morning

He is truly a living legend amongst those who know him, and this interview is like no other you’ve ever heard! (*Partly because he was practically sitting on my lap while we recorded it, but we’ll explain)… You’re going to hear me interview the one and only ==> Jon Berghoff

A​ few of Jon‘s ​mind-blowing accomplishments include: 

     >> Earning over $100,000/year as a 17 year
     >> Running 40 MILES PER DAY for 9 CONSECUTIVE DAYS
     >> Growing his national sales team’s volume (at Vitamix) by 300% in 36 months

Hear ​Jon share five crucial components to achieving goals that lead to a great life in this episode…


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Five Ways to Achieve More Extraordinary Goals:
  1. Be willing to dream
  2. Be willing to make a sacrifice
  3. Create alignment with your behaviors
  4. Reflect more often
  5. Choose your models

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