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When Community is given a transcendent purpose, it becomes one of the fastest ways for members of that community to come alive as individuals.

That’s what you’ll quickly discover from today’s discussion.

For context, every year we host the Best Year Ever [LIVE] experience in San Diego, CA. I’m guessing you’ve heard me talk about it by now 😉

Only a few weeks ago, we wrapped up the 4th annual BYEB, which brought together 400 people from 16 different countries around the world. It was an unbelievable experience that far exceeded my wildest expectations. I’ve NEVER been to any event that was a more powerful expression of heartfelt community (and I go to A LOT of events).

Today, Jon Berghoff jumps on the mic to reflect on some of the most memorable moments from the event. And regardless of whether you were there, I promise there is valuable insight for everyone who listens.  

Jon highlights some of the best lessons learned from the event and speaks from his heart about the power of community.


  • Honoring what makes us different and what unites us—Jon explains how collective diversity makes us individually stronger.
  • Find out what happens when a community is given a transcendent purpose!
  • Discover the concept of mirror flourishing and how it can help your best self emerge in 2018.
  • Learn what it means to build, nurture and create a strong community.  
  • The difference between emotional and intellectual leadership.
  • How to create an environment that gives people permission to open up and connect with each other—a process that will unlock new possibilities and realities.  
  • Learn how to “share the ownership” so you can create life changing experiences for any community.
  • And much more!



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