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After years splitting her time between corporate America and teaching physical movement, Andrea Riggs set off on her own adventure and has been helping people connect with themselves, break down their internal barriers, and live their best lives ever since.

She has an incredible gift to command and lead a room of people through motion, and her unique combination of both personal development and yoga training has made her an invaluable member of our Best Year Ever Blueprint team, leading our attendees through high energy movement every year in San Diego.

Andrea joins the podcast today to talk about the experiences and risks that led her to the best work of her life, why physical movement is so crucial to problem solving, her new book, Gypsy Living, and her upcoming course, the Trifecta Guide Program.

If you’re interested in Andrea’s 9-week Trifecta Guide Program and want to learn how you too can live your most daring adventure & unleash your Gypsy Spirit, click here to discover everything you need to know.


  • Why spontaneity is a great quality that’s closely linked to your intuition and why it has nothing to do with carelessness, recklessness, or selfishness.
  • What you can do to liven up your meetings, gatherings, and even corporate events without feeling even slightly forced or convoluted.
  • How physical movement opens up your heart and mind, leads to emotional breakthroughs, and gives your brain the power to process like nothing else.
  • How successful people take risks to pursue their true passions and transform their lives—and the comforts, rationale, safe roads, and even logic that often stands in the way.
  • Why there’s no exact moment at which we win the game of life—and that’s okay.



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