Setting Intention For Your Daily Routines

If it weren’t for being intentional about my daily routines, I would be a mess! 🤪 Seriously, the way my brain works (or doesn’t work), I’m very indecisive, easily distracted (diagnosed with ADHD), and I struggle with my memory (a combination of brain damage from a car accident and cognitive decline from 700+ hours of […]

This Post Is About You, But I’ll Start With A Story…

This post is about you, but I’ll start with a story. The day that I was diagnosed with cancer, and given a 20-30% chance of surviving, I called my wife to tell her the terrifying news (she was out of town at the time). As she broke down in tears, I assured her of two […]

My daughter said, “Dad, you’re lucky.”

My 12-year old daughter recently said to me, “Dad, you’re lucky. When you were a kid the world was normal. You didn’t have to deal with all of the craziness that our generation does.” I paused and looked at her with sincere empathy. Then, I assured to her that the world was just as crazy […]

Do You Struggle With Depression?

I’ve been struggling with depression lately, so I’ve been striving to figure out why, and what I can do to feel better. So, although I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist and not giving you any prescriptive advice, here, I’ll share some of what’s come up for me that’s been helpful. While there’s A LOT […]

In Case You Missed My “Shirtless” Post On Social Media

I dont normally share pictures with my shirt off, but let me tell you why im making an exception today. The picture on the left was taken shortly after i was diagnosed with cancer and started chemo. Within 3 weeks, my weight dropped from 167 pounds to 127 pounds. At 6 tall, that was obviously […]