Brianna Greenspan

How does one go from completely lacking confidence and not using their voice to being able to effectively inspire, lead, and influence others? How do you get over your fear of saying the wrong thing, or feeling unqualified? And how do you transform yourself, become fearless, and help others change their lives for the better?

Here to help me answer these questions is my good friend, Brianna Greenspan. Brianna and I first met when she hired me to be her life & business coach over 15 years ago. Now, she uses her voice to further the Miracle Morning mission, hosting the official Miracle Morning Clubhouse room for over 2,000 people each day (live from 8:00-10:00 a.m. Eastern time). She is also the co-creator of The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations, a positive affirmation coloring book for adults and kids.

Today, Brianna joins the podcast to share the process she went through to conquer her fears of putting herself out there and sharing her message with the world. She talks about how you can model her transformation, develop confidence and amplify your voice to help others.


  • How Brianna conquered some tough health challenges to show up in her life like never before.
  • How Brianna used the Miracle Morning practice to unmute herself after decades of being a person who never raised her hand in class or spoke in public.
  • What Clubhouse is, how Brianna is using it to build a new side of the Miracle Morning community, and how it is transforming lives.
  • How Brianna has started Miracle Morning programs in schools across the world. 
  • How to use your voice to inspire fellow leaders and change the world at scale.
  • Steps you can take right now to start using your voice to share your message with the world. 
  • Why humanity needs individual personal leadership right now.



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Hal Elrod: Hello and welcome to the Achieve Your Goals Podcast. This is your host, Hal Elrod. And thank you for listening today. I really, really appreciate you being here and listening, and I think you're in for a treat. At least it was a treat from my vantage point. I just finished a conversation with one of my closest friends, someone who's been a real advisor to me over the years. Interestingly enough, I was her coach. That's how we first met. She hired me to be her coach like 15 years ago. And now, well, often the student has become the teacher in many ways and she helps to inform the Miracle Morning mission and how we can elevate the consciousness of humanity because that's what she does every day. This is Brianna Greenspan that you're about to hear from. And Brianna, if you don't know who she is, some of the things I can reference, she's the co-creator of the Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations, which is a positive coloring book with affirmations created by me for adults and for kids. Things you color, you put on the wall, and it was her idea to create that, and she saw the project all the way through. Now, you'll hear about this today but she's actually getting the coloring book in schools, not just coloring book, but there are schools that the kids are coloring these affirmations that are really positive and then putting them all over the walls. 


There's even a school that's hired graffiti artists to graffiti some of the affirmations on the school walls. It's wild stuff, but Bri is the force behind all of that. She also hosts a daily Miracle Morning Clubhouse room, which you'll hear more about today during our conversation. She started out with like five people in it just to use her voice and impact other people. Now, she'll have up to upwards of 2,000 or more people a day in that room every morning. And she does it seven days a week like she's so dedicated. It's amazing. And I usually pop in there once every week or two but, yeah, she's leading that. And you might know her from the Miracle Morning Movie. Bri’s story was featured in the Miracle Morning documentary. And so, anyway, she's one of my favorite people. She's one of the wisest people. And what I wanted her to share today amongst just a lot of different directions that we go, you're going to hear some really cool like updates on what we're doing in the Miracle Morning Movement and helping people and getting the Miracle Morning in schools and just a lot of stuff that she's really spearheading. But what I wanted her to cover is how she went from being scared, unconfident, and insecure when it came to using her voice to help others to now she is leading this 2,000-person Clubhouse room. She's doing interviews. She's probably going to help me lead part of the Miracle Morning Live Experience in October. 


Like, she has so many gifts and skills that she's worked on over time but she was afraid to use them, afraid of saying the wrong thing that she wasn't skilled or qualified or well-spoken enough, just that general fear of public speaking. And now she is using her voice. And I want her to share with you how she did that because I know so many of us, in some ways all of us, have a message inside of us. We've got something that we know, something we've overcome, something we've accomplished, something that we've done, and we want to share it with others, something that could help other people. And I want her to share how she went through that process mentally and logistically from being afraid to put herself out there to now having zero fear. She even told me after the podcast she goes, “Hal, a couple of years ago when we recorded the podcast for The Art of Affirmations Coloring Book,” she said, “I was so nervous. I prepped for days. I almost canceled. I was so nervous.” She goes, “This, not at all.” She goes, “It's amazing to see how in a couple of years how much we can transform as people.” She said, “Two years ago, I was not the same Bri.” Anyway, I think you're getting a lot from this conversation. I love talking to Bri and you get to be a fly on the wall as I'm talking to Bri for the next 45 minutes or so. Before we jump in, I just want to mention our sponsors and thank our sponsors and specifically, the reason is that if you have any goals that either involve your health or involve writing a book, sharing your message, which is another way to share your message but it's different because you don't have that public speaking fear you have to overcome. You get to hide behind the keyboard. So, in some ways, it's a safer way to share your message, if you will. 


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So, without further ado, a good conversation, a great conversation with my great friend Brianna Greenspan. 




Hal Elrod: Bri, we’re live. 


Brianna Greenspan: We're live. 


Hal Elrod: It's so good to see you and talk to you.


Brianna Greenspan: It is such a blessing to be here with you right now, friend.


Hal Elrod: By the way, I just realized this is our third conversation today.


Brianna Greenspan: It is and it just gets better and better. 


Hal Elrod: I know we had a phone call at 6:30 a.m. then we had a Zoom call at 8 a.m. and then now what is it? 9:18 and now we're talking on a podcast. This is great. This is a lot of Bri and Hal time today. 


Brianna Greenspan: It's such a blessing because the work that you do in the world is so transformative, so it's an honor to be able to support you in anything that you need. 


Hal Elrod: You're so sweet. Is this our first podcast?


Brianna Greenspan: This is our second podcast.


Hal Elrod: Is the other one when your book came out, when Art of Affirmations came out? 


Brianna Greenspan: Yes, we did. 


Hal Elrod: Yeah. I should have looked it up but, yeah, I didn't. Beautiful. I love it. It’s so casual. It was like Friday. You go, “Hey, are we going to do that podcast you talked about a few weeks ago?” I'm like, "Oh yeah, let's totally schedule that for Monday A.S.A.P.” So, let's do this. Let's walk through our history for everybody because we have a pretty cool like 15-year history, right, roughly? I mean, that's crazy. That's a long time. So, yeah. So, it started actually you can share. How did you end up reaching out to me? Didn't somebody tell you that you needed me to coach you or something? 


Brianna Greenspan: Yeah. It was actually such a beautiful moment. I became a Cutco sales rep and in my first month, I broke a national record and then you actually called me and you said, "Hey, I heard about you. I think that I should coach you.” And I immediately said, "That's the best idea ever. I know exactly who you are.” I had been a huge fan of your book, Taking Life Head On, because I had just learned to walk again and there was like a lot of love for you at the Cutco Company. And so, they were constantly talking about you, your journey, your success, and how you were an incredible leader. And so, when you called me, I was like, "This is the coolest moment ever. You want me to pay you to talk to me? Yes, I'm in.”


Hal Elrod: I love it. Yeah, that reminds me. Yeah. So, that means that one of my coaching clients refer to you and was like, "Hey, this girl, Bri, is doing great at Cutco and she could use some guidance. She's new.” Yeah. Now I remember. Yeah. You didn’t call me. I called you. 


Brianna Greenspan: Yeah. You called me and I remember it so distinctly because it was actually three of your clients. Grace Cook, Mike Lonzetta, and Aaron Ludin, and I was like, “I love all those people. You're telling me all those people gave you my number? This is an easy yes. Whatever you want to charge me, I want to be your client.” And within weeks of meeting you, you challenged me in a way that I'd never been challenged before. And you said, "Hey, I'd like you to wake up earlier than you normally would to pour into yourself,” and I was a heck no person. I was like limiting belief, excuse, excuse, and I kept saying like I have health challenges. Every time I wake up I never know what to expect and you said point-blank, "What if you change the way you woke up and it changed the way you experience life?” And this was like my light bulb moment. Hal Elrod is a genius. I should be a yes person to whatever he says to me and I tried the Miracle Morning. 


Hal Elrod: And by the way, how old were you when we were coaching? 


Brianna Greenspan: I was 20. 


Hal Elrod: That's important like for anyone listening, right? This is a 20-year-old, just out of college. Yeah. 


Brianna Greenspan: Yeah. I had just learned to walk again. I was 20 years old. I was just finding my own. I was still having a lot of health challenges at the time. And when you said, "What if you woke up earlier and you started pouring into yourself?” That was the moment that changed everything in my entire life because I've never had a practice that was going to fill up my cup and help me be as strong as possible. And so, I'm forever grateful for you for pushing me in that loving, nudging way, and incorporating the presence in me to the power of incorporating positive habits stacking now known as the Miracle Morning into my life. 


Hal Elrod: Yeah. You just alluded to you had just learned to walk again dealing with health challenges. Talk about a little bit about that. What are you referring to? Why weren't you walking? What were these health challenges you're talking about?


Brianna Greenspan: So, I was born with some interesting health situations and as a result, I'm not always able to walk, talk, see, hear, and breathe. And so, like my number one goal is to be able to do as many of those as possible altogether as often as possible. And that was something I was definitely not very good at, so to speak. There were so many issues and every time I'd have another symptom, I would just start this limiting belief narrative of like, "When was the next symptom going to come and how long was I going to be knocked down for?” And the Miracle Morning was the catalyst. I mean, knowing that if I were to put a bunch of tools in my toolbox, I'd be able to pick myself up much quicker no matter what symptom came up. And as a result, now despite the fact that I can't will my condition to go away, it's genetic and progressive. However, the way that I respond to it is so drastically different and I'm able to really show up in my life in a way that I never thought possible because of the Miracle Morning. And so, I always think about like the first 20 years of my life were like illness Bri and then the last 13 years of my life have been this journey from illness to wellness, and the Miracle Morning has played a huge role in that. 


Hal Elrod: And from victim to leader, I would say. Like 20 years, I mean, and that's to be expected as a kid growing up in and out of hospitals, always sick, always crippled in some way or another like you become a victim. I think it's pretty normal and to now see the way you're leading and actually, we'll talk about that. I want to get that in the episode. Like you're leading a daily room where upwards of 2,000 people a day come and experience the Miracle Morning through you. You are getting the Miracle Morning in schools, single-handedly making that dream that I've had for 15 years or whatever a reality. And to get well, like I want to tease the audience that there are some amazing things you're doing around the mission that we're going to circle back to. But here's what I really wanted to talk to you about or just the core of the takeaway for anybody listening. Knowing you as long as I've known you, you've always been brilliant, Bri. Like you've always been brilliant but like your brilliance is a secret. Only those closest to you know of it because you come to us with these amazing ideas, “Hal, this is what you should do to do to elevate the consciousness of humanity. This is what humanity needs.” And you bring me idea after idea after idea. 


And I remember this is probably a few months ago you were at my house, you and Josh, and I forgot what we were talking about but you were dropping wisdom and I'm like, “Bri, why are you telling me this? Why aren't you telling the world this? Like, why is this not in the book you're writing or on the podcast that you're leading?” You have so much wisdom that the world needs and I get to be a benefactor of it. You'd be like, "No, no, no, I'll just tell you and then you tell everybody else.” And so, the point is to go from that Bri that was like nervous and kind of insecure and afraid to use her voice and didn't have that confidence to now like I've been in the Clubhouse rooms that you lead. You're frickin masterful and your people will comment like, "Oh, my gosh, this is the best room on Clubhouse. Oh, my gosh.” Literally, you've sent me screenshots, “I was suicidal when I showed up to the room this morning. And now suicide's off the table.” And I've seen like three or four of that specific text message from people. So, anyway, with all of that, what I want is for anybody who is listening that has something inside them that could help others. Either you've overcome trauma. You've got wisdom or experience or knowledge and something. You've got something inside of you that other people could hear that could help those people. 


For anyone listening, that falls into that category but you're afraid to use your voice for whatever reason. Maybe you lack the confidence or maybe you have the fear that everybody has of public speaking. It's like the number one fear in the world. Or maybe you had experience in the past where you shared something and then your idea got shut down. So, for anybody listening that has something inside them that the world could benefit from but you're not sharing it for whatever reason, Bri, I want to understand how you went from that person not using your voice to now being a true leader that is changing countless people's lives.


Brianna Greenspan: Thank you so much, Hal. And it's such an interesting transformation. 2021 has been this year of me unmuting myself and it's something that's beautiful because it's something that all of us can do. And I really use the Miracle Morning practice in order to unmute myself. I don't know if I actually told you this part of the story but at the end of 2020, I had a pretty interesting and jarring experience where someone really tried to mute me. I was speaking core truth about how we can elevate the consciousness of humanity and somebody's ego got in the way and they just kind of really wanted things to be their own way and to be very self-serving. And what happened is that I used my voice in a very powerful and very clear and articulate manner, and that individual tried to mute me and was like, "No, we're going to bully Bri and ostracize Bri and get her to just come over to our side.” And what that experience did for me is it allowed me to look within. And I started to ask myself the question, "How can you possibly think that other people aren't going to mute you if you mute you?” And I started to have this visualization of all of the various ways where I've muted myself ever since the first grade when people would have the opportunity to raise their hand or self-opt-in. I never raised my hand. I never spoke in a classroom. I never spoke on the stage. 


Even at your events, I've been to all of them. I’ve never spoken to the audience even when I was given the opportunity to speak in the audience or on stage. There were so many podcasts, so many Zoom calls, so many meetings that I would sit quietly. And at the end, I would share a one-on-one or two-on-one what my thoughts were. And I had this deep visualization that if I was muting myself, that's what I would also receive from the rest of the world. And so, I did this beautiful unpacking during my Miracle Morning for the next few weeks and started asking myself if I wasn't muting myself, how would I show up? And what transpired is that I noticed that if I wasn't muting myself, I'd be sharing what I share one-on-one or two-on-one with larger audiences, especially if it can elevate the consciousness of humanity. And so, slowly by slowly, I started saying yes to things I would ordinarily say no to and, eventually, all of these different opportunities to lead from a place of selflessness showed up including our Clubhouse space, where I'm now supporting the Miracle Morning global family by hosting the daily Miracle Morning room for thousands of individuals each and every day. 


Hal Elrod: Real quick, what is Clubhouse for anybody listening that's not familiar?


Brianna Greenspan: Clubhouse is an audio-only platform where you can join any space, any room that you'd like to each and every day, and you can either be a listener or you can be a contributor. And so, we have a variety of people who contribute each and every day as we are crowdsourcing wisdom for what's serving people in their Miracle Morning practice. So, if you're not familiar with Clubhouse, we're going to drop a link for you to join our club and you'll be fast-tracked into the app if you'd like to join if you haven't already. It's a really amazing platform because if you're part of the Miracle Morning global family on Facebook, it's similar to how people are showing up there saying it's day 27, day 400, day 1,000 but they're speaking with their own voice. So, we get this other layer of depth to people, shares about what's working, how they've transformed their lives, how that's making an impact on others. And it's a beautiful space because everybody in the room is moved to act in their own best interest each and every day. 


Hal Elrod: Got it. I love that. And, yeah, it's interesting that you say that like in the Miracle Morning Community, which is the Facebook group that's been around for since the book came out, the interaction is so inspiring but it's so different when it's typing out a bunch of words, hitting post, and then someone else types words and hits post versus actually feeling the tone and the nuances of someone speaking in their language and how they're feeling and sensing their emotion and then having a real. It's just like having a tax conversation with somebody and actually talking on the phone. Or you can pick up on the nuances. And so, yeah, it's really cool and the impact. It's also kind of like, by the way, a podcast I think. It's like a live podcast where you're like listening to people have kind of a podcast and then you can raise your hand and be like, "Oh, I want to ask a question or I have an idea to share.” It is such a unique platform. And I think right now, unfortunately, it's only for or fortunately but only for iPhone users, right? It's not on the Android. 


Brianna Greenspan: It's only for iPhone users. You need to get an invitation in order to join the app. If you're part of the Miracle Morning global family, we would love to invite you because we have invitations through the Miracle Morning Club. And it's a cool way that we can connect in a much deeper and richer level. 


Hal Elrod: And it's free. There's not…


Brianna Greenspan: It’s absolutely free. Yes. 


Hal Elrod: We're not selling anything like Bri is not selling anything. Nothing at all. And is that the website Josh set up, Is that where somebody can go to get kind of how to join it?


Brianna Greenspan: Absolutely., you can join our club and then it has all of the different resources, whether that is the Miracle Morning bonuses or how you can get involved in our Facebook community or how you can get looped into the Miracle Morning ecosystem in any way and be part of our clubhouse Miracle Morning community as well. 


Hal Elrod: Yeah. And I'm going to use this as an opportunity for everybody listening to share what we're doing, what we're thinking, what we're not just thinking, what we're actually doing for the Miracle Morning movement. Bri has always been, she's always like kind of said to me, “I don't know, Hal, but one day I'm going to like figure out the way that I can partner with you, work with you on this, and helping to elevate consciousness and the movement,” because you've always been behind the scenes, right? And so, anyway, the point is we're working on Bri already has like multiple schools that are doing the Miracle Morning every day with their students and we're looking at getting into school districts with like tens upon tens, if not over 100,000 people very quickly. And this was a vision that I had when the Miracle Morning was very early on. I was thinking all the different, "Well, would it be a book?” But then what if it was done in schools every day? You know, we did the Miracle Morning for Teachers book with Honoree Corder but the idea was imagine if students, especially starting young like elementary school, started every day meditating, just a time in silence to really get calm and get present then reading affirmations that built their confidence, maybe reading them out loud so that their peers got to build their confidence simultaneously, visualizing every day how they were going to show up as their best, most confident, most peaceful, most loving self each day at school, doing some exercise, getting the heart rate going in the morning, reading something that would enhance their life, journaling what they're grateful for, obviously, these Miracle Morning practices. 


I thought, what if every school around the world started? I said kids would be more they'd be calmer and more centered and feel more connected to each other, sharing this beautiful spiritual personal development practice. I said bullying could be minimized if not ended. Like, how are you going to beat up the kid that you just heard him read his affirmations about his deepest heart's desires and the human in you, in one child connect with a human, another child and he goes, "Oh, we're all people.” That's not the nerdy kid or the dorky kid or this kid or the mean kid. We're all just people that are just trying to do the best that we can. And so, that was a vision and a dream, if you will, that I had over a decade ago. And, Bri, you're making it happen like it's so wild that one day you're like, “Hal, all these principals, these school principals came into my Clubhouse room and then one of them is doing the Miracle Morning at their school. And then all these other principals raise their hand and they go, ‘I want to do the Miracle Morning.’” And like, that's how it started all in Clubhouse and then now it's happening around the country and soon around the world. And so, that's one thing. That's a huge thing that a big part of the future of the Miracle Morning. Something else that we're working on is I’m just planting the seeds for everybody. Again, there's nothing to promote here. 


But one of the driving questions that I've had is how do I create an army of Miracle Morning practitioners? I don't love the word, army, but a large team of Miracle Morning practitioners and how can I empower them with the tools and incentivize them, whatever that looks like, to spread the Miracle Morning mission and movement? So, I'm talking about like teachers, obviously, and schools, but also life coaches. I mean, there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of coaches that can integrate them, many of which already just do. They learn the Miracle Morning. They teach it to their clients. I hear that all the time. But what if we had thousands upon thousands of coaches that we could certify with the Miracle Morning and teach? So, anyway, that's right now what we're exploring. We're working with the XCHANGE Company led by Jon Berghoff, my buddy, and brotha James about how do we empower Miracle Morning practitioners to intentionally and actively share it with as many people as humanly possible. And then the Miracle Morning app, another thing that's been on my list since the book came out in 2012, Bri’s fiancé, Josh, actually he's been working on this with me for like years. And finally, the Miracle Morning app is in the design phase. It’s almost done. I'm signing off on it today, and that's finally going to be a reality as well. 


So, the point is we're doing like we're really going, “Okay. How can we reimagine the Miracle Morning mission and the movement and elevating the consciousness of humanity?” So, just as the listener, I want to kind of give you a behind-the-scenes look on some of the stuff we're working on, give you kind of an update. And like I said, there's really nothing to do right now but just to be aware of it. Bri, anything else to share on what's going on in terms of even if it includes your vision for the future of humanity and the Miracle Morning mission and how they support each other? 


Brianna Greenspan: Yeah. You know, you just gave me that recap and I'm so moved because we've been talking about bringing the Miracle Morning to schools across the globe for such a long time behind the scenes and to see principals who are saying the gateway to stop generational poverty is through literacy, it's through mindset shifts, it's through inspiring people, the next generation to understand what is truly possible. And so, when I see our affirmations, I believe in my potential, not in my past. I'm ready and committed to make this my best year ever. On the walls of elementary schools, graffitied on high school walls, it shows kids what's truly possible for their future. And so, being able to empower students to be ambassadors of the CHARMS and for anyone who's not familiar, that is the kid's version of the Miracle Morning, which stands for creativity, health, affirmations, reading, meditation, and service. And it's been such a delight to see in the morning, in the morning announcements, principals using affirmations, leading a meditation in gym class, doing exercise and affirmations and leading visualizations about what the success of the day will bring and making sure that in every single class, whether it's art class, whether it is in the social, emotional learning class, whether it's with a guidance counselor, whether it's with the gym teacher, whether it's in your home or whether it's with the morning announcements, the way that the school is decorated in the teachers' lounge. 


Having so many different points of reference for how we can incorporate meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing as a foundation for what's possible for our futures. Hal and I talk about, we talk about it all the time. What would our lives have been like if at five years old we started meditating? Who would we be today? And so, I'm just so honored and inspired by these principals that are saying, "We want to champion bringing this to our community,” especially because the principals that we're working with are in some of the lowest income areas in America. When they started saying that a lot of their students and teachers live in homeless shelters and they started bringing affirmations and visualization to the homeless shelter, that changed the paradigm for me from like, "Oh, we should just roll this out in schools to what would be made possible for the future of these families who are being introduced to these rituals and habits that we know?” I mean, I'm able to walk, talk, see, hear, and breathe most of the time because I do the Miracle Morning. What might be made possible for those that don't have a home, that don't know where their next meal is coming from, that don't have a vision for their future of how they might show up to contribute to society? 


And so, your mission and creating an ambassador leadership team globally of people who are committed to bringing this to those that they love and those that they lead is one of the most beautiful ways for you to selflessly add value to the world. And so, I'm just so grateful for your vision and your leadership and how so many hundreds of people have opted in to say, "We want to be ambassadors bringing this to schools, bringing this to our community. How can we be certified in the Miracle Morning practices so that we can be better equipped?” And that's really where this next conversation is evolving into what does it look like to certify people, whether they're coaches or whether it's a school, in order for them to have the tools to bring this to not just their current school community or their current clients but to everyone in their community? Because that's like the Miracle Morning mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity one morning at a time, that's not your mission. That's not my mission. That's our mission globally. And to be able to enroll all of these amazing people that say, “I know someone who needs this and I'm going to bring it to them,” and what's going to be made possible for their life once they have these tools warms my heart to witness. And each and every day in the Clubhouse room, I hear that. Each and every day in the global Facebook community, we hear that people saying, "This worked for me. I've shared it with my coworkers, with my religious community, with my X, Y, Z, and look how it's transformed them.” So, what does it look like in 2021 and beyond to be able to amplify that impact? 


Hal Elrod: Yeah. I love it. For those listening, I get a voice text from Bri almost every day. She's like, "Oh my gosh, today was the most amazing day in the Clubhouse room ever. The things people shared. This is amazing. It's changing people's lives. We’re elevating consciousness.” And then the next day. “Oh my gosh, no, today was the best day.” Every day like seeing you light up with the impact that you're making, it makes me so happy. 


Brianna Greenspan: It's crazy because you've shared with me this affirmation for many, many years but I didn't hear it until this year. The greatest gift I can give to others is to fulfill my potential so that I can show them how to fulfill theirs. And the greatest gift you've given me is you've consistently fulfilled your potential and inspired not only me but thousands and thousands of people across the globe to write their book, to use their voice, to start that program, to step up as a leader. And eventually, that rubbed off on me and now I'm able to do the same. And so, the ripple effect of the ripple effect of you living into your potential has made such a powerful impact on so many and we're all forever grateful. 


Hal Elrod: Oh, ditto. Thank you. That’s beautiful. Bri, so for anybody listening, I want to close the loop on you sharing your journey of how you went from not using your voice, being afraid to use your voice, hiding to deciding you needed to unmute yourself and start using your voice. So, everybody listening, would you have any kind of just a synopsis of advice of what you would encourage them to do if they know they've got a message to share, but they're not sharing it for whatever reason, whatever excuse they're using to justify that? 


Brianna Greenspan: Yeah. I would absolutely suggest that you use your Miracle Morning practice to help unmute yourself and what's beautiful about your Miracle Morning practice and what's been beautiful about me during the Miracle Morning for the last 13 years is I've used the visualization, I've used the journaling, I've used the affirmations to engage in and succeed at the things I've wanted to succeed at. And so, if you focus on what would be made possible if you used your voice in a way to serve humanity and you journal about that and you visualize what would be made possible if you didn't keep the magic and the insight that you have inside of you to yourself or to that small circle of influence? And when you ask yourself that question and when you visualize and when you journal about that, specifically, what would be made possible by you unmuting yourself? The insights are so profound that when you journal about them, you're going to recognize how powerful your voice is and how much the world needs you and how you can incrementally start to use your voice. And as you get that affirmation from individuals, that was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for your courage. You're going to start feeling more comfortable using it in bigger and bigger ways. So, my first key tip would be use your Miracle Morning to help you unmute yourself. That's why we have the practices. They're built into the fabric of your day. Affirmations, visualization, scribing, all three of those together are key components to unlocking within ourselves. Why did we mute ourselves to begin with and what do we need to let go of? 


I always think of the affirmation, “I believe in my potential, not in my past,” and, “I am where I am because of who I was but where I go depends entirely on who I choose to be.” And when I ask myself those two questions, when I say those affirmations, and then I turn them into questions, I ask myself, "What is it about my potential that I believe in and what limiting beliefs to my past do I need to let go of?” I need to let go of the limiting belief that if I mute myself, the world will be better. And what potential do I need to step into the fact that my voice matters and then it can help others around me? When I think of I am where I am because of who I was, who I was was a hider, but where I go depends entirely on who I choose to be. Who do I choose to be in this moment? When I ask myself that question, so many things come up. I choose to be courageous. I choose to be vulnerable. I choose to be authentic. I choose to be a game-changer for myself and for those around me. I choose to be an inspirer for myself and for those around me. So, you can ask yourself who do you choose to be? And when you ask yourself these powerful questions during your Miracle Morning practice and you allow for the affirmations, the visualization, and the scribing to support the answering of those questions, you'll be blown away by what unlocks within yourself. 


Hal Elrod: Beautifully said, and anyone that is, if you're listening to this and you're thinking, "Well, this doesn't apply to me because I don't have a message inside me that I want to share like that's not my thing,” I want you to think what about everything Bri just said. If you need to rewind it and listen to it again, it applies to just being your best, the best version of you for those that you love and those that you lead. So, everything she said, if you go back and relisten to it and how she talks about using the Miracle Morning, that applies to you being a better parent and a better friend and happier and healthier and more, just who do you choose to be in this moment. One of my favorite books I just recommended yesterday is Margaret Wheatley. I know you're nodding your head is one of your favorites too. Who Do We Choose To Be, which is like, look, you can't control what you can't control. You can't wave a magic wand and change the world all at once but you can do what you can do in the space that you can do it. And so, who are you going to choose to be in this one life that you live? For whether it's impacting a million people or one person, right, or anywhere in between, who are you going to be? And that's what the Miracle Morning I think does for people is it gives you that opportunity every day to be intentional. 


Most of us, just most people wake up and they just bounce like a pinball off of the tasks of their day, breakfast with the family into the commute to work, and it's just this kind of reactive, unconscious, repetitive way of being versus the Miracle Morning is like, "Hey, who am I committed to being today? Who am I going to see today? How am I going to show up as a dad when my kids come downstairs or a mom, as a leader, as a boss, as a friend, as a colleague? How am I going to show up as the steward of my health? How am I going to show up as the steward of my mental health? How am I going to experience today in the way that I choose not being reactive to what comes my way? Yeah. So, again, everything you shared, Bri, it's beautiful and it applies. It's very universal, not just for someone to share their voice and use their Miracle Morning for that, but also for all of us every day to be the best version of ourselves so we can create everything we want for our lives. 


Brianna Greenspan: Absolutely. And you know, when you were just sharing, it reminded me of so many more affirmations that you have hammered into my head over the years. And one of them is who I become today will determine what I am capable of creating tomorrow. So, who are we trying to become today? Who are we stepping up to become today? Are we showing up as the friend, as the dad, as the boss, as the leader, as the neighbor that we intend to be, and what will be made possible in our tomorrows as a result of how we choose to show up today? And when I think about that, I know how much is truly possible because it's just one foot in front of the other, making a conscious choice, living into the integrity and the values that we claim matter to us. And when we do that over and over and over again, our tomorrows become so different than what they would have been otherwise. 


Hal Elrod: Yeah. Absolutely. Let's close out with this question. You know, you're someone and this goes back to, I think, the story I told of when you're at my house and you're sharing all this wisdom and I'm like, "Wait, the world needs this.” So, I want to ask you with everything going on in the world right now from governments exerting more control than we've seen in the past or at least our recent past to just the whole dynamic that's going on in the world right now. What do you think humanity needs right now? What do we need individually? What do we need collectively? 


Brianna Greenspan: Humanity needs leadership. It needs individual personal leadership. When we show up to fill up our own cups, we are more grounded. We have more equanimity towards any experience that comes our way. We are in a more coherent state. And when we're more grounded, when we have more equanimity, when we're in a more coherent state, no matter what is happening around us, we are able to be the calm within the storm. And if we are not showing up to take personal responsibility for everything that we can in our lives, there's another affirmation that you've shared with me, “The moment I accept responsibility for everything in my life is the moment I get to change anything in my life.” And so, what is the world calling for? It's calling for us to not pass the buck onto someone else, to blame anyone or anything, to just sit in our own space of power, recognize what we're capable of and how are we going to take responsibility for what we can control in this moment? Who do we choose to be individually in this moment? Because what happens is that when we show up, we unlock the power of those around us to show up with their potential as well. And when we are not complacent, when we are not complainers, when we are not living in this lower state of consciousness, what happens is not only are we able to transcend, we are able to show up in a way that makes massive positive shifts for everyone around us. And if enough of us are showing up with our own personal responsibility, being the leaders that we were intended to be, that we're on Earth right now to be, you have no idea what's possible. 


And so, that's why each and every day it doesn't matter how I feel. I ask myself, who do I choose to be? I choose to be someone that moves my body. I choose to be someone that visualizes my success. I choose to be someone that is affirming that ability and gifts that I have to offer myself and the world. And when I ask myself that, it immediately gets me out of bed. It immediately reminds me of who I am, why I'm here, what I'm meant to do in the world. And that's an individual opportunity each and every day that we each have. If you wake up today, you have the opportunity to pour into yourself so that you can be a better leader for yourself and you can be a better leader for those around you. 




Hal Elrod: There's nothing I want to add to that. I want to leave people with that sentiment. And, Bri, thank you for choosing to be all of those things because everyone that knows you is better off because of who you choose to be. So, thank you for that. I really, really love you and appreciate you. And I'm so grateful to be on this journey. We might have you hosting some podcast episodes in the future, which is we’d rather talk about, but that's okay. I've mentioned that on a few other podcasts but, yeah, thanks. Any closing words or I think you left us with really more than we need or everything we need. 


Brianna Greenspan: Yeah. The one thing I will say is to keep shining because the world needs your light. Whatever that looks like, keep shining. The world definitely needs your light now more than ever. 


Hal Elrod: I couldn't agree more. Bri, I love you. Goal achievers, members of the Miracle Morning community, I love you and appreciate you. Thank you for listening. And I will talk to you all next week.




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