Hal Elrod - Beating Cancer - What Matters Most

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When we accept life before it happens, we get to keep the power that adversity will try to take away from us. We get to control the narrative. Instead of focusing on “why me?”, we can instead choose how we give meaning to something. In other words, adversity doesn’t hurt you, it serves you!

Which is what you learned in Part 1 of “Beating Cancer: A Dialogue On Converting Adversity into Advantage”. If you haven’t heard it, I encourage you to go back and check it out!

In Part 2, we continue the conversation and dive deep into what matters the most. I break down the most profound lessons learned since being diagnosed with cancer, including the 3 factors (Perspective, Love & Gratitude, and Freedom) that have completely transformed the way I now see the world.

This conversation actually may surprise a lot of listeners. You’ll hear that before being diagnosed with cancer, I never truly believed I was deserving of my success. Today I not only explain why, but I share the affirmation that’s shifting my mindset!


  • Learn how perspective can determine your attitude, and therefore the quality of your life.  
  • How to turn emotional pain and negativity into love and gratitude that serves you unconditionally.
  • Transform your relationships and your business, through the act of selflessly giving.
  • The single most important way to achieve ultimate freedom in your life. HINT: It doesn’t matter how much money you have, this is something you can take action on today!  
  • Find out why you should attend The Best Year Ever Blueprint.



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