Setting Intention For Your Daily Routines

If it weren’t for being intentional about my daily routines, I would be a mess! 🤪 Seriously, the way my brain works (or doesn’t work), I’m very indecisive, easily distracted (diagnosed with ADHD), and I struggle with my memory (a combination of brain damage from a car accident and cognitive decline from 700+ hours of […]

Are You Allowing Yourself To Be Happy?

Friends, checking in with yourself right now, are you allowing yourself to be happy? To really enjoy your life? Or are you perpetually stressed about something? Your work? Money? Marriage? Or some other challenging circumstance in your life? One way that I’ve unconsciously prevented myself from sustaining states of happiness (which I just became conscious […]

The Way You Become Fearless Is…

I posted this a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve found this to be so important right now in my own life that I wanted to share it with you again. Because like anything else, being exposed to an idea only once is rarely enough to master it. At least for me, I find that […]

Consider That You Are Always Experiencing Exactly What You Need…

Friends, these past few days have been some of the most challenging I’ve experienced in a while, due to some personal issues. I don’t normally get very angry, but I was furious. 🤬 And I found myself blaming other people for the way I felt. They said this, and they did that, and it is […]

This Post Is About You, But I’ll Start With A Story…

This post is about you, but I’ll start with a story. The day that I was diagnosed with cancer, and given a 20-30% chance of surviving, I called my wife to tell her the terrifying news (she was out of town at the time). As she broke down in tears, I assured her of two […]

My daughter said, “Dad, you’re lucky.”

My 12-year old daughter recently said to me, “Dad, you’re lucky. When you were a kid the world was normal. You didn’t have to deal with all of the craziness that our generation does.” I paused and looked at her with sincere empathy. Then, I assured to her that the world was just as crazy […]