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For decades, parents, educators, and students have talked about the constraints and frustrations of traditional schooling. In almost all schools, students end up figuratively chained to their desks and bored out of their minds—and they suffer personally and academically as a result.

That all changed for our family, two years ago when we discovered Acton Academy. Founded by Jeff and Laura Sandefer, who faced this situation with their own children, and took matters into their own hands. They founded Acton Academy—a revolutionary new kind of school that prepares students to become leaders of tomorrow through hands on, real world learning with practical applications, self-governance, and self-discovery.

Jeff and Laura join me and Jon Berghoff on the podcast to talk about how challenges educating their own children led to a revolution in modern education, what teaching looks like in the 21st century, and Laura’s new book, Courage To Grow: How Acton Academy Turns Learning Upside Down.

If you’re interested in learning more about Acton Academy or even want to start a school in your city, visit to discover everything you need to know.


  • What sets Acton Academy apart from other schools—and how it parallels what leading entrepreneurs do to make their organizations succeed.
  • How the hero’s journey can inspire passion and excitement in students—and rapidly accelerate learning (even in subjects kids once thought they were “bad” at).
  • Why asking questions is so essential to learning, building character, and creating great habits.
  • How you can help young people find their gifts, get into flow, and become self-sufficient.
  • The importance of learning to fail, shaking it off, and getting back up—and why being comfortable in taking risks is a major part of personal development.
  • And much more…



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