Achieve Your Goals - 5 Factors For Rewiring Personal Potential

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On this episode of the Achieve Your Goals podcast, Jon Berghoff outlines 5 factors for expanding your personal potential!

At the beginning of the show, Jon looks back and smiles about his early days living with Hal. When they weren’t pulling pranks and playing Jet Moto, they were challenging each other’s ability to succeed. It was no coincidence that out of tens of thousands of of sales reps, two people who lived in the same apartment became #1 and #2 for their company. The powerful and positive behaviors that were established were a direct result of living together in the same environment.

Jon’s stories ultimately lead to a challenge for you to take a look at your own environment. Not just in the sense of how being around others can affect your behavior, but also how your physical environment can affect your spiritual energy. What’s distracting you or causing you to lose focus? What’s cluttering up your life? What subtle adjustments can you make to your physical environment that will allow you to be more in control of each and every day?

Jon goes on to share the additional factors he’s learned from Hal and many other thought leaders on how to reinvent and re-wire your personal potential. He talks about improving your well being through movement and nutrition, using the concept of the Hero’s Journey to gain perspective, and the benefits of having a formal meditation practice.

The factors outlined in today’s episode are just a handful of the things that can take your potential to the next level. And the best part… you can start taking action on all of them today!


  • [06:30] Find out how your environment can impact your behavior.
  • [10:30] Why you don’t want to become a Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • [12:40] The power of physical environment and understanding the spiritual energy that comes from clutter.
  • [15:04] Improving your physical well being through movement and nutrition.
  • [23:54] How to use the concept of The Hero’s Journey to pursue your call to adventure, overcome obstacles, and transform your life for the better.
  • [34:25] Discover the 3 attention skills you can develop by having a formal meditation practice.
  • [43:00] Jon gives you today’s 5th and final factor, but decides to save the bulk of this topic for a future episode 🙂



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