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Almost everyone has big plans to change their lives for the better starting each New Year’s Day, yet so many people will fall out of the groove and lose the motivation to push forward. Will you still be hitting the gym, eating healthier, writing that book, or pursuing that new personal or professional goal after January has come and gone?

In today’s very special conversation, Jon Berghoff and I will share our top 3 strategies to help you achieve your goals, as well as life-changing stories from the past year, and ways to truly live a life that’s aligned with what matters most to you.


  • Why so many people suck at reaching their goals—and what you can do to set yourself up to succeed in 2018 and beyond!
  • The importance of behaving in alignment with what you truly value in life.
  • How to commit to your process without being emotionally attached to the results—and why that’s a critical factor for achieving your goals.
  • How to structure your physical environment in a way that removes obstacles preventing you from succeeding.
  • Why we’re conditioned as children to resist accountability as adults—and the single best way to raise your level of commitment for any goal that you want to achieve!
  • Why being open and asking questions will help you better connect with others, no matter what industry or environment you’re in.
  • And much more…


[Tweet ““Without your health, nothing else matters.” – Hal Elrod”]

[Tweet ““Don’t believe people who say you can’t have it all.” – Jon Berghoff”]


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