Welcome to my new podcast, Taking Life Head On . Like my blog, it is dedicated to empowering you to create “Level 10” success in every area of your life. My goal is to find success, increase your productivity, and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Success coaching - Hal Elrod

I plan to talk about the same topics I discuss here on my blog, namely:

  • Leadership: the keys to leading yourself and others.
  • Productivity: the strategies and tools to get more done in less time.
  • Health: principle and strategies for keeping your body functioning at a Level 10
  • Empowerment: you can be the catalyst for change in other people’s lives, we will talk how

This will be a weekly podcast. I plan to post new episodes each Thursday. You will be able to listen to them here on my blog, as well as review the “show notes.” However, if you want to make sure you catch every episode, I encourage you to subscribe via iTunes.

In this first episode, host Nick Palkowski and I discuss the purpose of this podcast. We talk about some very influential moments in my life.

Here are a few areas we cover:

  • The career achievement that changed my perspective
  • How I died….(seriously just listen)
  • My major failure and what I learned from it
  • My philosophy on personal growth

This is a very foundational episode. Future episodes will build off of what we talked about here.

Listener Questions

  1. Albert – What would you say is the one thing that kept you going and/or believing you were on the right path to success when you were recovering?

Special Announcements

  1. VIP Mastermind Coaching program– This is an amazing monthly coaching program that focuses on health, wealth, and success. You get a monthly mastermind coaching call, a monthly coaching video, mastery guide handouts, and become part of an interactive community. The value is extraordinary starting with the first months module, Secrets of Self-Discipline: How To Get Yourself To Do What You Need To Do (Especially When you Don’t Feel Like It)
  2. Miracle Morning Rap – A childhood dream of Hal’s is finally fulfilled! He is now officially a rapper. Check out his blog post about the process and get the Miracle Morning Rap from iTunes now.
  3. The next podcast will be on the topic of “Hal’s 10 Keys to Extraordinary Success.” This will be a multiple episode topic and we will dive into what these secrets are and how you can apply them to reach a Level 10!  If you have a question on this subject, please leave me a voice message. This is a terrific way to cross-promote YOUR blog or website, because I will link to it.

Episode Resources

Book: The Miracle Morning

Coaching program: VIP Mastermind Coaching 

Song: The Miracle Morning Rap