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As a result of her investigations, she’s made beer healthier, exposed sweatshops in the shoe and soccer industries, uncovered pediatric dental abuses, and succeeded in banning dangerous products.

Roberta Baskin is a recovering investigative journalist, whose extensive broadcast experience reporting on corporate misconduct quickly earned her the nickname “Bad News Baskin.

After reevaluating her purpose as a journalist, she decided to set out on a radical new career path, to find and showcase “good companies” across the globe.

Today, she’s wildly enthusiastic about promoting socially responsible, innovative businesses, that are positively impacting the world.

During this eye-opening discussion, Jon Berghoff digs into Roberta’s uplifting story. You’ll find out why she completely changed the trajectory of her career, from investigative journalism, to the AIM2Flourish initiative that’s inspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to achieve global goals together.

You’ll also get to hear all about the Fourth Global Forum Conference which is taking place June 14-16, in Cleveland, OH. The conference is held once every three years and is being facilitated by Jon Berghoff! Business leaders from over 40 countries will come together under one roof, to discover, dream and design solutions for global issues and high priority initiatives. Find out how you can participate by clicking here.

As a an appreciative inquiry leader, Jon believes this may be one of the most important conversations for anyone who wants to elevate their purpose and find deeper fulfillment and meaning in life.


  • [03:14] Roberta shares scandalous stories and the dark side of investigative journalism that earned her the nickname “Bad News Baskin.”
  • [08:51] How to fuel your success when you’re repeatedly told “No!
  • [09:53] The art of the follow up and being tenacious about uncovering the truth.
  • [11:37] Find out how AIM2Flourish is inspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to tap into a 12 trillion dollar opportunity to solve 17 of the world’s toughest challenges.
  • [26:09] Roberta shares some of the innovative global solutions being uncovered through AIM2Flourish, including how one company’s simple idea is helping iron deficient Cambodian families get 90% of their daily iron intake!   
  • [33:35] The power of media and how “restorative narratives” are creating meaningful, positive change in the world.


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