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Today’s conversation is with a man who runs six companies and is responsible for producing thousands of live events for corporate and social clients, worldwide—including the Best Year Ever Blueprint LIVE experience, which combines cutting edge experiential learning, live music, and an unparalleled level of engagement that produces immediate and lasting transformations for every person in attendance.

As Carey Smolenksky shares his entrepreneurial journey with you, you’ll learn why passion and helping others makes a world of difference in your success.

Of course, Carey didn’t build a business empire overnight. In fact, there tends to be an overwhelming amount of challenges that can arise in his line of work.

As he puts it, “A problem has a negative connotation. A challenge allows itself to present solutions.” He will teach you how to see your problems from a completely different angle—and show you how to overcome the uncontrollable circumstances that we all have to face in life.

In this discussion, he will also share the big lessons from his book Living Life with PASSION and Helping Others, including how to shift your mindset so you can find deeper meaning and purpose in both your personal and professional life.


  • Lessons on building lifetime relationships—both personally and professionally.
  • The power of contribution and why it always comes back full circle!
  • Carey shares lessons from his book Living Life with PASSION and Helping Others.
  • Finding purpose in life’s uncontrollable circumstances—Jon and Carey exchange very personal stories that will help you find deeper meaning during incredibly tough times.



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