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As many of you  know, shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer in November, my good friend and co-creator of the Best Year Ever Blueprint, Jon Berghoff, stepped up and has been leading the Achieve Your Goals podcast ever since so I can focus on healing. (THANK YOU!!)

Although cancer wasn’t my conscious choice, I do believe that I am 100% responsible for choosing how I respond to it. By choosing to accept what I can’t change, be grateful for all that I have, and finding/creating meaning & purpose from what might otherwise be a negative experience, I’m finding once again that every adversity holds within it a profound, life-transforming advantage.

This mindset applies to all of us. We all face adversity, and it is up to us to decide what meaning we give to it, and what purpose it serves for ourselves, our loved ones, and the greater good.

That’s what this 2 part dialogue between Jon and myself is going to cover. It’s not about what’s going wrong, but rather, actively asking ourselves what we can learn from these experiences and how we can use them to our advantage.

Remember, everything happens for a reason, but we get to choose the reason!


  • The “Can’t Change It” mantra that will help you turn any adversity into purpose that serves the world.
  • Learn the powerful daily affirmation that gives Hal direction when the meaning isn’t clear.
  • How to win in business & life by throwing out the “master plan” and focusing on adding value.
  • Why overnight success is a myth! Jon and Hal recount the failed businesses that led to their “overnight success.
  • Hear about Hal’s risky heart procedure, holistic Cancer treatments vs. Chemotherapy, and how he’s detoxifying his body with… wait for it… coffee enema’s!
  • Hal reveals his most profound realization since being diagnosed with Cancer and how it’s helping him win the fight!



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