Are you living your life as a warning or as an example?

In episode 24, you’ll discover how to live your life as an example of what’s possible when we live to our full potential in a way that brings out the best not only in yourself, but in everyone you know. 





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Take Action Challenge

Do the following exercise today to find out if you are living life as an example or a warning!

  • Grab a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center. One side write “Warning,” on the other write “Example”
  • Go through the big areas of your life and write down all the ways you are a warning to others.
  • Go through the big areas of your life and write down all the ways you are an example to others
  • The big areas of life are….
      • Fitness/Health
      • Relationships
      • Finance
      • Career
      • Personal Development
      • Etc.
  • The final question to ask yourself based on each of the big areas in your life is….”What is a standard I can set to help me turn a warning into an example?”

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